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Ben Calabrese

Web Developer



(619) 208-8943

San Mateo, CA

Hi, I'm Ben: a software engineer with 3 years of experience building massive scale web applications that power the largest advertising system in the world.

I'm also a coding bootcamp grad, former theatre major, and halfway decent guitarist.

My experience spans the stack, focusing on single page apps. I've spent my time at Google building and leading frontend projects in Greentea, the tailor-made CRM that underlies Google's sales team.

Since joining Google, I've been:

  • Selected as one of ~40 engineers responsible for code health of Dart across Google
  • Given ownership of the proprietary configuration language that powers every chart and table in Google Ads and Greentea
  • Relied on as a leader for my team: guiding architecture, establishing best practices, reviewing designs, and onboarding new team members

I've experienced tons of growth since my start, evolving into a team lead with a keen eye for UX and product that puts the user first. Projects I lead are: consumer quality, on-time, comprehensively tested, and ready for new features.

I'm always gearing up for my next challenge.


  • Dart
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Typescript
  • Ruby
  • Git
  • Python


App Academy

May 2016

1000 hour-coding school with <5% acceptance rate

Coursework includes: Rails, TDD, OOP, single-page apps, coding style, scalability, algorithms, best practices

S.F. State University

B.A. Drama, May 2013 Summa Cum Laude



Software Engineer Sept. 2016–Present

  • Lead frontend development on multiple projects, taking them through product design, UX, development, launch, and landing
  • Designed key aspects of Greentea, Google's custom CRM, including integration with the support ticket system and tracking of customer centric metrics used by 20k ad sellers
  • Member of Dart readability team, one of ~40 engineers selected across Google based on exceptional code review skills
  • Co-owner of custom configuration language used to power all tables, forms, and charts in Google Ads and Greentea

App Academy

Engineering Apprentice May 2016–July 2016

  • Crafted new Ruby and Javascript curriculum and RSpec testing suites



Live  |  GitHub

You're reading it!

  • Hand rolled HTML/Sass/Typescript
  • Animations for the web while still styled for print


Live  |  GitHub

Conway's Game of Life simulator

  • Implemented HTML5 canvas rendering with controls for pan, zoom, and cycle speed
  • Bound UI events in jQuery for user manipulation



Fullstack event ticketing app built in Rails and React

  • Build a dynamic show filter using ActiveRecord to combine arbitrary filter options into a single query
  • Mapped JSON data to build interactive seat picker for more engaging point-and-click UI